Good Things to Eat, by Lucas Hollweg

Author's Bio:

Lucas was a food editor and features journalist, and now writes a food column in the Sunday Times Style Magazine.  His articles feature easy to make dishes, which combine the freshest of ingredients in a laid back style.

The book is divided into the following sections:

Berries and Cherries  |  Birds  |  Cakes  |  Chops  | Fennel  |  Figs  |  Fish  |  Gratins  |  Ice cream and sorbet  |  Mussels, squid and other creatures  | Peaches and plums  |  Pies and tarts  |  Pudding  | Risotto  |  Roasts  |  Spaghetti  |  Stew  |  Summer salads  |  Summer Soup  |  Things on toast  |  Winter salads  |  Winter soup  |  A word about booze  | Bits and pieces

The Concept:

This is a collection of recipes which Lucas enjoys to cook - they are long on flavour, and short of effort.

There are between five and nine recipes in each section, and they include Strawberries in red wine with cream cheese and basil; Cherrymisu (!!); Raspberry and basil sorbet; Kale and pancetta risotto; Spaghetti with crab and mint; ruby chard with lemon and feta; and Peas broad beans and ricotta on toast.

Who's going to buy it?

All of the recipes are very straight forward - I would expect almost anyone be able to cook these  The food combinations are familiar, and yet often include a variation that you know will eat well - an example of that is the cherrymisu - you know it's going to be delicious!  There's a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients, eaten simply.  Lovely book.  Will definitely use this one...

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