The MEATliquor Chronicles... by Yuanni Papoutsis and Scott Collins

By far one of the most original cookbooks in my collection. The recipes are easy to follow, and straight forward. The book is so much more than a cookbook though - it's a journal which documents the beginning of Meat Liquor through it's various incarnations, to the beast it is now. There are lots of photographs of the crew, little vignettes, there's a whole conversation about queuing, refereed by Stefan Chomka... In fact, maybe that's why I like it so much? It feels like my twitter stream, full of the opinionated and food obsessed people I love...

I've listed some of the recipes at the bottom, but I can't imagine you've found your way to this book without knowing who Meat Liquor are. If you do, yes, my darlings - you're going to love it! But, just in case you're not familiar with their work, and you aren't sure what you're getting yourself into, here's a little snippet to whet your appetitie:

'Surely your gospels and all they represent, must live in the air?' a layperson said to the MEATdaddy. 'Because the qualities you celebrate in this place are around us at all times - they're enlightenments, decisions, forces that resist herding into cathedrals like this. I mean, didn't the mobile gospels prove more apt, in that the wagon exposed itself to a greater volume of what we seek? Wasn't it better that diverse peoples from all around came at the wagon's appearance, rather than to one unmoving place?' [... SOME TIME LATER...] 'If all I carry into the cathedral is an intangible value, and if it consumes my whole purpose in going there, then I become intangible too, for the purposes of argument. And as an intangible, I need go nowhere, because the value I represent can be argued in my absence."

The MEATdaddy took a moment to adjust his robes, examining the well-worn sole of a sandal. 'Except for one thing,' he said: 'a burger and a cocktail are tangible.'

'Ah, but then...'

'Do you want a f****ing burger or not?'

'I mean..."

'F*** off then, there's a queue forming.'


'We don't serve intangibles.'

Some of the recipes:
Layover Chili
The Dead Elvis
Greek Lemon Chicken
Salt Cod, Cream and Potato Pie
London Lamb Chops

There are also lots and lots of cocktails:
Diesel and Honey
Blood and Dust
Donkey Punch
Morning Glory
Corpse Revivers (3)
The Negroni
The New Cross Negroni...

I think you get the message...

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